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Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet communication has the unique ability to deliver bandwidth exactly where and when it is needed, irrespective of geography and local infrastructure.

Satellite Internet (IP over satellite, Broadband Satellite IP ) is a high speed Internet connection to the global Internet network designed for carriers/ IAPs/ ISPs corporate Customers and Internet Cafes demanding Internet via Satellite services. Satellite Internet/ services provide Internet from one Broadband IP Up-Link Station directly to the customer's network via satellite, bypassing congested terrestrial lines. Up-Link Stations can be located everywhere in the world. To chose the right Up-Link Station for IP-via Satellite services, check the availability of Internet in the country. It does not make sense to work with HUB-Stations where Internet is poor or limited (e.g. Africa, Middle East). Better buy your service from Western Europe or US or direct from atrexx.

In case you want to buy a Satellite Internet  service, atrexx is the right service provider for you, also in case you need an IP-Satellite - Terminal and a VSAT antenna. Each Internet via satellite modem will the connected via satellite with the IP-Satellite Up-Link station and the IP backbones. 

Satellite Internet / IP-over Satellite services are categorized into three kinds: Simplex Internet via satellite, Symmetrical Internet via Satellite and Asymmetrical Duplex Internet via Satellite services. Each service provides inbound (downstream) speed ranges from 64Kbps to 45Mbps, with various combinations of outbound (upstream) broadband satellite speeds.

2way2sat LinkStar™ Broadband Services
Two-way Cost-effective Broadband via Satellite System featuring Shared and Dedicated Bandwidth Internet Access

2way2sat iDirect Broadband Services
Corporate Satellite Broadband Services featuring VoIP and VPN support

Professional 2way2sat VSAT Services
Two-way Dedicated Bandwidth Connection to the Internet Backbone via Satellite for ISPs and Internet Telephony Service Providers

 2way2sat BackUp-Satellite Redundancy
2way2sat back up redundancy is a proactive solution preventing service interruptions and problems before they arise

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LinkStar is a two-way broadband VSAT system

Designed around DVB-RCS for service providers, ISPs, and corporate networks that brings high efficiency high data rates to the market. LinkStar combines broadband access and a high-speed return channel to satisfy bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data over any fixed satellite.
iDirect VSAT

Using the iDirect platform, atrexx provides capabilities to deploy networks that meet all requirements for bandwidth, multiple sites, satellite topology, network frequency or application support.
DVB / SCPC transmission

DVB / SCPC transmission uses a DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) multiplex in the forward (downstream) channel and a classical SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier)the return channel (upstream).
BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and Regional BGAN deliver broadband data and voiceMobile Satellite Service

BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and Regional BGAN deliver broadband data and voice, through a portable device, anywhere on the planet.